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Do you need some help with your dreams?

Maybe you need help hashing out a strategy, or you have some specific Qs about what to grow and how to grow it.

Maybe you just need to talk to someone with similar goals, who can shine a light on your next logical step forward.

We’re excited to announce that The Homestead Guru’s gurus are now offering consults!

Meet Cody, Catherine, and Rebecca…

Our Gurus have been doing the DIY, homesteading, natural lifestyle thing for several decades combined.
Topics of expertise include…

  • Homesteading
  • Gardening
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Permaculture
  • Natural Wellness
  • Essential Oils
  • Unschooling
  • Beekeeping
  • Chicken keeping
  • …and strategy sessions for how to get there!

We’d love to share our experience and help you get closer to your homestead goals–

…whether that means solving a specific problem, or helping you draw up a strategy for realizing your farm & garden dreams.

Great! How can I sign up?

Our consults can be booked via email and will be conducted via Skype.

Each session is for one hour, and details of how to get in touch will be provided upon payment.

Choose your Guru and get the expert support you need…

Cody Adams can teach you about how to live a life full of travel and actually afford it!

Cody has been traveling the country for two years with his wife Hailey, while in their twenties. They’ve made this a reality by working while they still get to explore the great outdoors.

They have seen and had almost every tragedy and triumph you can imagine, making their story and knowledge valuable to anyone looking to hit the open road more or full-time.

Cody is an online marketer, entrepreneur, photographer, and has a passion for helping people find ways to live off of their passions. He runs his own businesses, helped amazing non-profits get off the ground, is on a Presidential candidate campaign staff, is a top-rated free-lancer on the world’s number one free-lancing site, and much more. Cody wants to share his knowledge from all of his experiences to help you find your money making potential and how to make it flow with a life full of travel.

Work with Cody:
If you are looking to lead a life full of adventure and unforgettable memories, talk with someone who has done it! Learn about everything from money-making, what to travel in, how to save, how to downsize, what gear to buy, internet, and much more will be covered. If you are serious about travel, get serious and set up an appointment today!

$50/1-hr session or $150/4 sessions



Catherine Bleish is the owner of the Homestead Guru. She became an expert in whole life detox after a brown recluse tried to take her down. Catherine and her children just finished 3.5 years of living in a converted school bus so they could travel the world visiting eco-villages, tiny homes, farms, and communities.
Work with Catherine:
Are you stressed out, overburdened and seeking a change? Catherine Can help you to DETOX your entire life so that you may find clarity, direction, and the momentum to create the life of your dreams!
  • Whole Life Detox (Home, Health, Relationships)
  • Living Tiny (3.5 Years in a Converted School Bus)
  • Natural Health (Juicing, Yoga, Fasting)
  • Parenting (Conscious Unschooling, Peaceful Parenting)

$50/1-hr session or $150/4 sessions




Rebecca Powers is an activist and eco-blogger based in Central Texas. She currently serves as the President of the Center for Natural Living and operates PERMApowers, a blog about well-being and sustainable living.

Work with Rebecca: 
  • Off-grid lifestyle/ travel trailer acquisition & glamper renovations
  • Relationships – Relationship anarchy, non-monogamy, dispute resolution, nonviolent communication
  • Holistic health, paleo diet, keto diet, natural products, growing your own food
  • Business development, for startups + small business

$50/1-hr session or $200/5 sessions (get one more free!)