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Our exclusive eBooks from TheHomestead.Guru team will give you the tools and information you need to take action in your own backyard.

Care & Keeping of Chickens – An exclusive publication by TheHomestead.Guru.

This 21-page eBook covers EVERYTHING you’ll need or want to know about keeping chickens – from incubating your own eggs to collecting backyard breakfasts on the homestead. Information on how and where to buy your first flock, what to feed them, how to tell a roo from a pullet, and MUCH more in this comprehensive guide with photos throughout.

$2.97 – Instant download

Unschooling: Freedom-Based Education – Teach Your Children at Home, Enjoy Your Time with them, and Raise Happy, Functional Adults.

This 74-page eBook contains info on why and how unschooling is the way of the future, especially if you value your freedom. Learn from both new and veteran unschooling parents, and discover how you might change your parenting style and help your children to flourish. Don’t recreate school at home – think outside the box, and unschool!

$2.97 – Instant download

Homesteading in Winter: Fire – A collection of Wisdom from TheHomestead.Guru Team.

This 20-page eBook contains articles packed full of information about how to build fires in the rain, how to keep one log burning all night, and even how to make a fire-powered hot tub for those chilly nights on the homestead.

Topics include: Swedish Torch Logs, Build Fire in the Rain, One-Stick Instant Fire, Self-Feeding Campfire, DIY Fire-Powered Hot Tub

$2.97 – Instant download

Grow Your Own Food:  Natural Gardening Hacks for the Busy Homesteader

This 96-page eBook contains 6 distinct chapters and 18 articles full of everything you need to know to get started gardening–with success.
From soil amendments and pest control to compost, companion planting, and starting seeds, this guide to organic, natural gardening has it all.

Chapters include: Soil & Compost, Starting Seeds, Planning Your Plantings, Managing Issues, Changing Seasons, and Get Growing!

$2.97 – Instant download

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Reclaim your family’s wellness and vitality with the most potent and pure colloidal silver, iodine, and gold – from iMedDo Labs.

These products contain 100ppm of colloidal silver, iodine, and gold – approximately 10 times the potency of other brands.

Colloidal Silver has been used for years as powerful immune support, both topically and internally*. It’s also helpful for teeth and for purifying water*. The silver is in nanoparticle form, which means it won’t turn your skin blue like Renaissance-age royalty! We take colloidal silver along with elderberry syrup, fire cider, and essential oil blends as part of our overall wellness habits, especially in the colder months.

–Contains 3.6mcg nano-colloidal-biosilver. To take, simply add one drop to a glass of water and drink.
–Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce (approximately 400 drops), and a typical dosage is one drop per day.

$45 + $7 shipping

Colloidal (Nascent) Iodine helps with protecting the body from the effects of radiation, and also excessive exposure to chlorine and fluoride*. It’s supportive of the thyroid, and assists the body in detoxing from heavy metals, including mercury*. It’s also protective of the female body systems, including the reproductive organs and breasts*.

–Contains 150mcg nascent iodine per drop – for use topically, apply 1-4 drops on skin per day.
–Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce (approximately 725 doses per bottle)

$45 + $7 shipping

Colloidal Gold
is supportive of the nervous system and the pineal gland*. It’s also beneficial for inflammation, depression, and aching joints*. To take, simply add one drop to a glass of water and drink.

–Contains 1.8mcg colloidal gold per drop. Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce (approximately 400 drops), and a typical dosage is one drop per day.

$70 + $7 shipping

Get all three and SAVE – Colloidal Silver, Iodine, and Gold for $150 + FREE shipping!

*These statements have not been verified by the FDA, and theHomestead.Guru as always encourages you to do your own research when it comes to your health–and to always consult a trusted medical professional before starting any kind of supplementation. For more information on iMedDo products please view their full guide here!