Teach Your Children Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants with this Creative Board Game

As a father I can relate to this one. There is no better way to learn than to do it while playing a game and having a little fun! Wildcraft! provides the perfect learning experience for the entire family.


For parents and their children alike!

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Wildcraft! is a cooperative “Herbal Adventure Game” where players learn about the many uses of edible and medicinal plants and herbs.


Focusing on 25 of the most important plants, the game takes you through several unique and diverse ecosystems, providing players and onlookers with useful information about the plants and where they can be found.

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Wildcraft! can be played with 1 to 4 people and no prior knowledge of plants or herbs is needed.


For the parents of little ones, no reading is required for even the youngest of kiddos to participate.


Enjoy this game with your children or friends and soon enough you and them will be reciting the benefits of plants and herbs you see all over town.


Great addition to any camping trip, birthday party, or family game night. A great gift for any member of the family.

Click here to purchase the Wildcraft! on Amazon.

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