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Why You Should Use a Composting Toilet!


Have you ever thought about getting a composting toilet, but heard rumors that left  you feeling queasy? Let me clear a few things up!

Composting toilets decompose human excrement by creating the aerobic conditions for bacteria and other macro and micro-organisms to thrive which then destroys harmful pathogens and eliminates the risk to human health and environment by turning it into organic compost material that can be used to fertilize the soil.

Benefits Of A Composting Toilet

  • Composting toilets protect groundwater, surface water, and soil from sewage pollution, prevent the accumulation of hazardous pathogenic waste, and solve the problem of disposing sewage sludge to landfills.
  • They save huge quantities of water in a world where water is an increasingly scarce resource, and requires very little infrastructure.
  • Composting toilets are an excellent example of sustainable design. They provide a safe and effective way to save resources and prevent pollution, whilst saving money and energy for the owner and the community. Also at the same time they produce a valuable end-product that can be used to fertilize the soil.
  • They are low-impact and can also adapt to any situation, even in places where it is difficult or inappropriate to establish a main toilet system such as on board boats, in vehicles, on hard rocky soils, high water tables, near springs, or even in an environmentally sensitive area. They are also useful as temporary toilets on building sites or work sites, especially if they are then re-used in the final building.

All composting toilets require a little management to ensure that they remain clean, hygienic, and odor free. Composting toilets also need to have compost material removed at regular intervals.

I personally own a Nature’s Head composting toilet, and it is low-maintenance and from a woman’s perspective, easy to use and clean. I have also experienced some home created DIY composting toilets and I believe Nature’s Head is more effective when it comes to smell and cleaning. Nature’s Head composting toilets have separate compartments which reduces the chances of number 1 and number 2 mixing, which is what makes hazardous waste. With DIY methods there is a higher contamination rate because there are not separate compartments for each fluid, so if you are taking a poo and some urine slips out, your soil is no longer suitable for compost in most cases! Nature’s Head also conceals odors because it is equipped with a fan that keeps the soil air raided. With a DIY you are likely to experience some rather unpleasant smells!

Get a Nature’s Head composting toilet here on Amazon!

If you are interested in saving water and living a self sustainable lifestyle, composting toilets are the way to go. If are looking for a suitable composting toilet, I suggest spending a little more cash and getting an efficient composting toilet such as Nature’s Head, the payoff is great for you and the earth!

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Just Sayin
6 years ago

past tense: aerated; past participle: aerated
introduce air into (a material).
“she would aerate the lawn with high heels”

Is the word you are looking for, not air “raided” Just sayin


[…] Why you should use a composting toilet  […]

Sarah Jhonson
3 years ago

Thank you for this helpful article.
Yeah, composting Toilet are really beneficial. They help us a lot. What do you think about portable toilet?