This Couple has Lived in a Converted School Bus for Four Years!

Our family lives in a converted school bus, so I LOVE watching tours of other schoolies. This couple has lived in their converted school bus for four years.

Converted School Bus

Their white interior keeps the place looking slick and clean. They completely minimalized their life and have very little clutter.

They have an RV bathtub and actual masonry in the bathroom floors. The only window covered in their bus is the the bathroom window, other than that they use natural lighting, Christmas lights, and candles to have lights in the bus.

They put down laminate flooring, installed gray / black water systems, and electrical systems.  This allows them to park and plug into an RV spot like any conventional RV.

The only thing they wish they had opted out on, is the 4 range stove. They never use and it is not economical for boondocking (off grid living).

Their theme is “Keep it Simple” and they are very happy with their schoolie!

Here is a link to their YouTube channel if you want to follow this family on their journey.

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