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Become Disaster Ready with Roll Out Solar Panels


When disaster strikes, electricity is usually the first thing to go. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc… can all wreak havoc on a community, sometimes leaving homes and business without power for days or weeks.

These easy to install solar panels are called “Roll-Array” and take a fraction of the time other panels require to install. Everything is pre-wired, pre-installed, and incredibly simple to deploy. Just set them down, attach a spool, and drag them out using a vehicle with a tow-hitch.


The uses for this technology are endless. Disaster relief, large concerts and festivals, even our war mongering governments could find a military use.

Watch how quickly the roll out solar panels can be set up in this video here:

I see the possibility for mobile families, too!!!  How would you use one of these portable solar arrays?

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