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Easter Basket Ideas for Healthy Homesteading Kids!


Did you know Easter is the biggest candy-sales holiday in America, after Halloween?

Instead of filling up plastic Easter baskets with plastic eggs, plastic “grass”, and five pounds of High-Fructose Corn Syrup, why not make your own Easter baskets out of healthy, fun, and useful stuff?

Here’s some of my favorite DIY Easter basket ideas that are more healthy and natural:

  • Craft basket – include a mini notebook, stickers, art supplies, driveway chalk, play dough, or modelling clay
  • Garden basket – put in seed packets, flower bulbs, kid-size gardening gloves, a trowel, and even an egg carton full of sprouting medium!
  • Explorer basket – add in sunglasses, binoculars (here are some handy binocs), a bird or bug guide for your area, a magnifying glass, flashlight, whistle, canteen/water bottle, and “feast gear” (camping cup and/or flatware)
  • Fairy basket – include a bubble wand + solution, ribbon rings and silk scarves, stones to paint, beads and string to decorate a favorite spot in the yard, a magic wand, face paint, etc.
  • REAL grass basket  – For that extra “WOW”, start 2-3 weeks early. Line a basket with grocery bags, add potting soil, sprinkle wheat berries on top, moisten and cover. In about 2 weeks, you’ll have a basket with REAL grass to add goodies into!
  • In the South, you can find cascarones – which are dyed, hollow eggshells filled with confetti! They’re easy and fun to make, too! Just be responsible and don’t use plastic or Mylar confetti.
  • Dyed backyard eggs. There’s a zillion ways to dye eggs, so why not opt for the more natural?

Get Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs, Cascarones, 1 Doz. here on Amazon!

Other great ideas to fill up your kids’ Easter baskets are kites, water guns, flip-flops or water shoes, jump ropes, puzzles, card games, high-bounce balls, balloons, and even whoopie cushions! Kids delight in all sorts of simple things that will get them outside + moving.

By all means, put some candy in there too – but your Easter basket doesn’t have to be ALL candy.

Think outside the box basket!

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