Freedom Cove, Off Grid Boathouse and Garden Paradise

Freedom Cove, Off Grid Boathouse and Garden Paradise


Freedom Cove

Tucked away in Clayoquot Sound, BC is a taste of homesteading heaven. Owned by Catherine King and Wayne Adams, Freedom Cove is an off the grid village of floating boathouses and sustainable gardens. The structure is only accessible by boat and is quite the off the grid marvel.


Catherine, Wayne, and their two children, Eleanor and Alistair, get their water from a nearby waterfall during the summer time and in the winter their water comes from rainwater collection systems. All of their food is grown on site in a completely sustainable manner. The energy that powers Freedom Cove comes from solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators. The structure has been self-sustainable for the past 20 years!


Enjoy the video below. It documents the work of a couple serious homestead gurus!


  1. This may be off the grid, but my opinion it is a cop out from paying land taxes. Does the government approve of this living condition? We’re is the grey and black water going?This is not an environment friendly looking place. It looks like a squatter camp of floating tarps. What happens if everyone decide to live like this? What gives you the right to decide to live were you want and have cheep living.

    • What gives you the right to decide where someone else lives?

  2. You had me… right up to the ivory.

  3. What gives you or a government the right to decide how someone else lives?

  4. While I am impressed with all that they have accomplished and I think its an amazing feat, they lost me when I saw that they use Ivory to carve and sell. Considering how Ivory is typically acquired I am shocked that they would even use it. Very sad to see.. =(

  5. I bet the elephants who lost their freedom for the ivory shown would love to hear this song playing.
    I was impressed and interested until the moment art pieces depicting “elephants dying for their ivory” were being portrayed. Someone should explain to these people (who should know better, they do have cell phones!) living away from the world, that the killing of numerous elephants for their ivory is very out of date & done in horrendously cruel manner. Elephants live naturally as a family so trauma affects the entire herd. If these artists wish to live free, allow other species the very same right, God made them also. Carve in wood or gems or any other items but stop condoning the mass murder of all animals, most especially elephants for their ivory.