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HomeBiogas: Home-sized biogas unit turns waste into fuel!


HomeBiogas is a sustainable solution to natural gas, that is focused on bringing a redesigned, efficient, and lower cost version to mass production. This will hopefully start the end to fracking and it’s dangers to the environment and our health.

HomeBiogas is launching their second crowdfunder for HomeBiogas 2.0, after having already successfully crowdfunded one backyard home biogas system that’s now being used in 1,000 homes worldwide, HomeBiogas is at it again, launching a second Indiegogo campaign. According to the campaign video, improvements include 50% better efficiency, easier install, portable and the addition of a home biogas stove-top cooker.

The dangers of fracking:

While the process produces jobs and natural gas, it is the host of environmental, health and safety hazards that continue to make fracking a pressing issue.

  • A recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that homes located in suburban and rural areas near fracking sites have an overall radon concentration, a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed by the decay of uranium in rock, soil and water, are 39 percent higher than those located in non-fracking urban areas. Radon is odorless, tasteless and invisible, it moves through the ground and into the air, while some remains dissolved in groundwater where it can appear in water wells, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer worldwide.
  • U.S. Geological Survey released a long-awaited report that confirmed what many scientists have long speculated, the fracking process causes earthquakes.
  • More than 90 percent of the water used in fracking wells never return to the surface. Since that water is permanently removed from the natural water cycle, this is bad news for drought-affected or water-stressed states.
  • Natural gas is mostly methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas that traps 86 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. And because methane leaks during the fracking process, fracking can be worse than burning coal, discrediting the claim that natural gas burns more cleanly than coal.

Given the huge problem of food waste going to landfills, HomeBiogas could drastically reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Not only does this appliance prevent methane emissions related to food rotting in landfills, which includes cooked food, meat and fish, but it can provide up to three hours’ worth of gas for cooking, ultimately replacing natural gas that might otherwise be fracked, and, an added bonus, the remains from your HomeBiogas make an excellent fertilizer.

The team is already at $59,673 of their $75,000 goal and their campaign rewards include an option to get a unit for yourself, or to donate a unit to communities in either Kenya or Puerto Rico.

This portable appliance is perfect for every lifestyle, as someone who travels full time in a RV I can set up and store away a HomeBiogas easily, use my food waste to create propane for my kitchen and refrigerator to run on, while reducing my carbon footprint and cutting down my costs on natural gas.

Consider donating to their campaign here and reap the rewards of a cleaner less polluted future!

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