Honey On Tap – New Flow Hive Allows You to Harvest Honey...

Honey On Tap – New Flow Hive Allows You to Harvest Honey at Home


An Australian man and his father spent years quietly developing a bee hive that would allow honey to be extracted without disturbing the bees.  The design is simple, the hive is kept inside of a wooden box called a frame. They sell single sized frames or larger frames that hold multiple flow hives. You open a cap in the hive, insert a flow key, and let the honey flow into your jar!

Here is a video showing the simplicity of design:

Here is the story of their bee hive journey. A young family who used crowd funding to create an international business overnight!

Visit their site at honeyflow.com to learn more or pre-order yours today!

Do we have any bee keepers who read our blog? What are your thoughts on this simple design?


  1. I’ve read a few blogs where beekeepers have questioned the plastic insides…and that bees reject plastic…and will swam much more often than in a regular hive…

    I honestly haven’t invested in one yet for that reasoning…I am waiting to hear others experiences…

    I just planted a fairly large orchard and hope to hear good/bad reviews in the next year or so…

    • I have been talking to the company, and the bees build the wax on top of the plastic and treat it the same as any hive. I have only seen negative articles from people who are not actually using the product. They are sending us one to try and I will let everyone know how it goes!

    • If you want to stay away from plastic frame and foundation, check out Top Bar hives. It is all natural, the make their own comb, so there are no frames or foundations needed. Also they are able to make the combination as small as needed for the brood, so less room for mites to get in. It is also much healthier for the bees.

    • Plastic foundation when dipped in beeswax is readily accepted by bees.

  2. Such a fantastic invention and I love the passion in the video! Looking to get one for my family in South Africa

  3. William Gennaro

    What are the start up costs?

  4. Is it ok to use in town?

  5. This guys passion, honesty, humility, and overall balance between buisness and nature is EXACTLY what we need more of in this world!! Congrats on your current success.

  6. If you have any notion that you can get honey from a hive without looking inside, go to the store and buy your honey. This is not a good idea.

    • It has been working well for people across the globe!


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