Mini-Documentary: Couple Changes Their Lives as They Build and Live in a Converted School Bus

Tiny Homes are all the rage. But what about living in a School Bus? With the right tools, and enough elbow grease and creativity, the size and mobile nature of a school bus make it a great foundation for building your own traveling home.

Richard and his partner Rachel decided to take the plunge in to the off the grid tiny home lifestyle when they purchased a used bus for $3,000. The couple drafted autoCAD plans and designed their future home from the ground up. Thus far, the project has cost them $12,000. That price includes the cost of the bus along with a $1,200 solar fridge and composting toilet.

The bus is entirely off the grid using six mounted solar panels which were purchased from EBay and cost $200 each. The panels produce around 770 Watts. Their catalytic heater is powered by propane which will also soon provide heat for the oven and stove. At the moment, they use a butane camp stove for their cooking needs.

Watch the mini-documentary and consider if the converted school bus life may be for you.

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