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Five Reasons to Get Naked in Your Garden


naked gardeningThe 15th annual World Naked Gardening Day is coming up soon! Yes, #nakedgardeningday is a thing.

You may now be wondering, why would anybody want to garden naked?

Outside of skinny-dipping, gardening ranks as the top activity that people are willing to try in the nude.

Here’s five reasons why you should try naked gardening this year!

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1. Being outside in the sunshine is healthy for the body and emotions. When you garden naked, you get the benefits of vitamin D on every part of your skin, and you can even rid your farmer’s tan a little, too. (Maybe consider sunscreen for your more tender bits!)

2. Gardening naked is a multi-sensory experience. When the wind blows, you’ll feel it against every angle and curve of your body. The sun’s warming rays feel great on those parts of you that are typically covered up.

3. Gardening is a natural antidepressant. Microbes in healthy garden soil contain B12 which is key for mental health, and new studies show that getting dirty outside helps lift your mood. Plus, you get to commune with nature in a way that just doesn’t happen when you’re fully dressed.

4. Gardening naked helps us get over society’s body image issues. Whether you’re alone or with friends, gardening naked is a great way to promote body acceptance and “rewild” ourselves as natural beings.

5. Have fun with suggestive photos. Why not get creative with your photos by using carefully-placed flowers and leaves, interesting shadows, and angles? All the cool folks on Instagram are doing it. 


The thirteenth annual World Naked Gardening Day is May 4, 2019. So get out there and get naked!

Just maybe choose a different day to use power tools or attack those fire ant piles.


  1. I am low in Vitamin D. However, there is not enough clover around to cover me this time of the year.

  2. My retired neighbor, Jennifer, would probably call the law on me. 🙂

    • I was just thinking maybe backyard only lol. Most of the time, no one is around on my short dirt road in the middle of the desert, unless one of my 10 neighbors happens to be coming home or UPS is making a delivery. 😉

  3. And what about the bugs that creep along as your sitting down… Yeah i don’t think it’s the brightest idea I’ve ever heard of…. thank you but i prefer to not get an unknown bite on my tender bits.

    • Don’t be so judgmental. And why must you make a political statement from such a light minded suggestion. Shhhhh.

      • Thinking the same. Lol

    • Political views have nothing to do with it. I’m not a liberal by any means and I garden naked as often as possible. It just doesn’t make sense to wear clothing for most gardening tasks.

      Those same bugs can creep into your socks, pants, shorts, and shirt. Clothing provides safe harbor for them. When you’re nude, it is easy to feel them and brush them off before they can do their thing. Thank you for providing reason #6.

      Reason 7: It makes much more sense to rinse off under a hose or an outdoor shower than to change out of dirty clothes, shower, and launder the clothes.

    • What about wearing just underwear? I love the idea. If you’ve got good elastic

    • You know what, when you sleep bug’s can crawl on your body without your knowledge

      • If you believe that you must have had a couple of them crawl into your brain! If that were the case, no one would ever bet a bed bug bite!

    • For the last 50+ years the military has been training troops in the cold and heat shirtless- called extreme conditioning. They realized the limits of fabric technology and also know humans evolved over 100,000 years to endure a wide range of temps. A couple of side observations they made were that when we work outside without showering, our natural body odor is not attractive to bugs. When we go outside after showering, we smell like flowers. Bugs that crawl on you tend to dislike the body hair- too coarse. Ticks don’t like leg hair. And your bodies natural oils and hair offer a good degree of sunburn protection.
      Also, Australian dermatologists were alarmed that skin cancer rates there are 2x higher than anywhere else, and have gone up 10x while sun exposure has dropped more than 90%. And the most dangerous cancers are found on parts that get the least exposure. They recommend getting outside when the sun isn’t as strong with a little on as possible to acclimate to the Summer sun.

  4. I would garden with you naked any day. I am not sure that my neighbors would appreciate it. I love being naked outside

  5. And you can try out your portable sun dial – if you are a guy!

    • As I get older, mine doesn’t work on Daylight Savings Time.

  6. I wouldn’t dream of going naked in my yard with my 11 colonies of honeybees. There is always on guard bee hanging around ready to sting.

  7. I have already earned a reputation as a strange individual with my neighbors and this performance certainly will not help me. This experiment is not positive for me.

    • Who cares what others think. Do what feels right for you.

  8. We have snakes where we live. I’d hate for me to be bitten on the btm then have to find a REAL friend to help me. Ha, ha, ha.

  9. Birthday suit weather begins around July/August as far as I am concerned. Brrr until then. Secondly, the story in my feed literally preceding this one was how a man survived a sexual assault from a bear! 😳 Best to all at this coming event…I’ll raise a glass in your honour. 🥂👒👚👖🧤🙌😎

  10. The best activitie I no is naked gardening so relaxing and natural

    • Need to brush up on a little English!

  11. May 6th is much too early for us northern gardeners. We can get a real nice snow fall the first half of May in some years. How about moving this to mid July or so when the sweet corn is high enough to keep the gawkers from stopping traffic on our road?

    • R Stuart-Libbey

      Good thinking!! I grow a lot of roses and being fully covered still doesn’t keep them from assaulting me!!😩🤬

  12. I love to tending my garden while naked. and frequently take a morning wander through my garden with my fist coffee with the kookaburras and the magpies warbling as the sun rises. I consider myself very fortunate that for the most part my half acre garden is concealed from public view, although we do back onto a 100 acres of native forest and there are the occasional bush walker or dog walker that wanders past. As a male entering my pre senior years I can assure you I’m no oil painting. but I’m quite comfortable in myself,
    I did thou last winter “July” have a surprise visit from the constabulary who indicated that someone had seen me and had reported their concern that i may have had a stroke or such and had lost my mind.
    I told the on the contrary i work night shifts and was enjoying the fresh air and a VIT D hit on the sunny midweek afternoon.
    I do though also seriously think we should celebrate the winter and summer solstices with some sort of naked ritual feast, although i haven’t managed to join or initiate such an event as yet.

    • Come to Seattle. We have a Solstice Parade every year. People ride their bikes naked and some people paint themselves. There are floats and music and all kind of interesting things going on besides the bike riders. It’s a very fun experience. I have to admit I’m not a participant only an observer.

      • Does that happenjust for sunner solstice?

  13. There’s a YouTube video of an interview with Ruth Stout in her later years where she recounts her gardening naked experience.

    • A voice from the past! Ruth Stout was my first gardening guru back in The 70s. So wise. Thanks for the reminder😀!

  14. Love that we have high fences. Love being naked day or night outside. I often find places outside of my home to sunbath nude.

    • Linda I think that’s grea… also, where do you live? I’m likeminded… 😉

  15. Russell Bennett

    Had great fun last year trimming the hedge and got a great shot covering what mattered with my electric trimmer powered by our solar panels. We have an enclosed space; it was an epic day

  16. Maybe if I was a lot younger I would give it a try 😁😁

    • with age comes greater enjoyment.

  17. As i am a nudist the best way to be nude and just enjoying the summer is doing it in your home and garden as well as the first time it was for me and then I have been loving it
    And I wish the lpeople who are in the world would give it a try inside or outside in the garden it is a great deal of love and respect for the world

  18. Well, I guess we can sit outside and silk the corn, wash and chop the turnip greens, cut up the jalapeno, habanero, banana, bell, chili peppers, cut up cucumbers, cut up squash, cut up green tomatoes with onions, cut up cabbage with onions and peppers, cut up okra, cut up green beans, put up purple hull peas, and much, much more! I think I’ll just do all of my tomatoes inside….don’t want any heat inbearing and give them some a nasty bacteria, especially when you have 350+lbs to put up. I do a lost art…..canning, I’m trying to make sure my daughter and son knows just how to do it and not just how to eat it! We can get our vitamin D and the best tans. I was even thinking of buying a kids size pool ring and find me a good pan that will sit in the ring while we’re in the pool!!
    Sounds like a great idea but not when my mother-in-law has come over to help outI Last summer we put up 384 jars of food and unfortunately I didn’t count what all went into our freezers, yes, freezers 4 of them and they’re all packed full. I had to get several items out of the freezer and can them cause we bought 320lbs of shrimp and then my husband shot 2 deer and I also shot 2 deer and 2 wild hogs. Gardening is a lot of work folks but if you want your food to be “organic” and free of all the other junk! Go get you a hoe…..start your gardening naked!!

    • Tired just reading about Terrie’s food prep. And I did it myself once upon a time. But not naked then and not now. And let the big corporations can and freeze for me. Age has its privileges.

  19. I love any activity clothes free. I wish I could get away with NAKED gardening. Alas mu opportunities for naked recreation are limited.

  20. Oh sweetie the people that do the most gardening are Seniors and trust me no one wants to see us naked. LOL We would wind up in a Nursing Home faster than we could shake out the weeds. You’re young and lovely; if we were in our 20s, 30s or even our 40s maybe (I was still wearing a bikini at that age) but now, No, No, No! You go out there and do all the things you wore which are wonderful and many that I have done in my past but not now. The best was being 27 and having sex in a garden, LOL

    • Luckily we don’t enjoy the sun and the garden naked to make others see us! If they DO – and don’t like it – they are free to close their eyes… 😉 But that is ONE of the very nice things with naturists; ALL sorts of “body-designs” are both accepted and looked (…) upon as natural! Being naked is about freedom – and a way of freedom we ALL can enjoy – no matter age or look!

      • And how many Baptist churches in the area. No nakedness where I live.

    • We were naked in our 20s and still naked in our 60s. It’s never about what you look like, it’s the freedom you feel naked!

  21. 5 reasons to wear lots of clothes: ticks, bees, fire ants, wasps, and ticks. And neighbor children.

      • I have a six foot high fence but it has gaps between the boards, my back neighbor does day car, I got redwood slats and covered the gaps !

  22. I don’t need a day to garden nude! I just do it – only at the back, if neighbours want to gawk – that’s their problem!!!
    Saw tHe “feature” couple on Escape to the Country recently ( a rerun – I’m in Aus.)

  23. Five Reasons not to Get Naked in Your Garden:
    1. Humans wear clothing to keep our bodies covered up from peeping eyes !
    2. Bugs love naked human bodies…..makes it easier to get into nasty places !
    3. The sun can harm those sensitive parts of the human body where no sunscreen should be !
    4. Have you seen some one who is naked most of the time…they look over cocked !
    5. Most males would have a problem hiding their excitement !
    6. But hay if you are twenty to forty years old female & not hard to look at (OVERCOOKED) & are thinking about doing this the house next door is for sale…come take a look I,m sure it would suit your needs !

  24. I live next to a golf course, and no fences. I think not . I however have skinny dipped with my wife late in the evening when we had a pool . Was a long time ago.A great life experience.

  25. I always try to garden naked. I have a private yard and my neighbors are respectful. It’s such a great feeling and there is less to no dirty washing to do after, so less electricity and water wasted.

  26. Athena n'ha Lee

    Meh. Boring. Many, many, many more article-worthy subjects to find out about.

    • We have over 600 articles for your to enjoy 😀

  27. So u can get ants in ur bum bum

  28. I think it’s a wonderful idea!!!

  29. I live in the U.K. But would love to garden naked. Problem one: is overlooking Neighbour’s, Two: freezing weather until June-Sept. Three: my teenage boys who would not want to see Mum butt starkus.

    Once I have no boys at home and live in the country, then weather permitting, I will be dancing round the garden growing all that’s possible! Thanks for your tips too x

  30. #6. It could lead to outdoor sex.

  31. I don’t know….maybe I’ll start off with a loincloth and a big smile first.

  32. I sure hope my beautiful neighbor hears about this. Maybe I’ll invite her !!

  33. Michael wauschek

    I love being nude when I can but doing that national day event they is always someone at home doing that time so I hard to do but if no one else from my family is home you now it will come off.

  34. love being nude all the time / done all the inside of my house here in tahsis nude only had shoes on / just saying done perfect job while doing so , out side well to many jerk offs so this year i will build nice green house look after plants in the nude . / every one nos this now so who ever visits must strip off being free is the best

  35. Not the best weekend to celebrate Naked Gardening Day because May 4th is Star Wars Day (yes, it’s a thing) and the following day is Cinco de Mayo. Also, five weeks is not enough time to get into shape and show off my abs. I guess I will have to skip tilling and planting in the nude this year.

    • Catherine Bleish

      LOL you have me cracking up over here!!!

  36. Is it always on May 4th (also Star Wars Day, as it happens), or the first Saturday in May? Or is it not consistent? I need to know how to set the Repeat function on iCal.
    Thank you.

    • Catherine Bleish

      Apparently its always on Star Wars Day! I had no idea there was a Star Wars Day!

  37. You said 15th at top of article then thirteenth at bottom. Which is it 😂 ?

    • Catherine Bleish

      I will look into this! We have updated the article year after year so maybe something got lost in translation!

  38. KWB- Midcontinent nudist

    Nudity isn’t about visual displays to please others. It is enjoying nature and feeling free and unencumbered. Too much sun isn’t good for anyone, but the occasional exposure is great for the body. If you find it offensive, then don’t, but if more folks tried it, we would have a better society. Let us who enjoy it, do so and don’t place your puritanical vices and assumptions on to us. It’s not for everyone. Being non-textile sometimes is healthy, physically and mentally – try it sometimes. Garden or otherwise.

  39. You dirt-herding hippies just need to die off already and rid the world of your idiotic “flower power” BS that all but ruined the country, just like your moronic children, Sunshine and Flower, will continue to do as they call for socialism.

    • Catherine Bleish

      We are actually philosophical libertarians over here, don’t blame us!

    • So I am a politically conservative, college educated, religious, family man who doesn’t do drugs, am too young to be a hippie, is military supporting and couldn’t care less about your opinion. Oh and by the way, I am a naturist. So please, keep you close-minded, dark aged, line of hate spewing BS where it belongs, in the bowels of the cave where it seems you emerged from. Have a great day too.

  40. Oh I’d so love to garden naked but have never had a secluded spot! This year I’ll be in a Community Garden so it surely won’t fly there! I do however wear as little as possible to get the maximum sun exposure. Last year I burned so will have to be more careful this year. I used to have bees in my backyard and actulally loved to get stung as it relieved all my aches and pains! Bee venom besides being a potent antibiotic is the most potent anti-inflammatory known to man! People have been stinging themselves for arthritis, MS, Lyme and many other diseases. Everything from the hive is amazing so just look up Apitherapy and see how you can use all those products for health! Happy bees have a Garden to pollinate! Love that sight of growing vegetables and digging that soil! Happy Gardeninh everyone!

  41. Klaas Vandersluis

    my butt particular likes to feel the sun, its where the powerXpanels are denied by our cultures. The winged birds like me better and sense there excitement

  42. Would love to garden naked, But My HOA would frown on it since the view from my garden overlooks a public nature trail and elementary school with openwork fencing! LOL
    Dont want to burn the retinas of the public, LOL. So I will wear my colorful cotton caftan sans undies and Know I am naked under the cover of public decency!
    Have fun folks!!


  44. I usually just tea bag all the flowers to pollinate the garden like a fat sweaty bubblebee but yea sure these 5 reasons too…

  45. Anyone here in the UK?
    I strongly suspect it would lead to jail time here.
    Am I wrong?

  46. The body is meant to be covered as it ages for a reason!! Its just common sense. Just because you are born naked DOESN’T MEAN WE ARE MEANT TO BE NAKED ALL OF THE TIME!! We are NOT animals we are human beings. Wake up people!

  47. I am not opposed to naked gardening but I have so many allergies I would be dead within 10 minutes! 😊

  48. I used to do this when I lived in the sticks except I did wear flip-flops due to sharp rocks, thorny weeds, and the hot, sun-baked dirt. There ain’t nothing like wrestling a garden tiller in the nude… I do miss the all-over tans and the fresh vegetables of course…

  49. I own 10 trees acres with plenty of privacy and gardened in the nude for years. It was very relaxing and fun at the same time. My gal and I enjoyed that special time together. Never a bug bite like so many are worried about on this thread. Colorado.

  50. Sounds Amazing. Here in Central Kansas I must do this! Not worried about bugs! Use some natural bug spray and get in that Garden 😉😁 !!!

  51. Anyone else immediately look for the author of this story and try to find her email in time for May 4th?

  52. While I don’t care for clothes for the most part. I also don’t like my sweat to run all over so I find myself tucking my shirt under my breast and in between . I am fair skin and have had skin cancer in exposed places. Sun screen is a must. I don’t like slipping in my own sweat so I will be dressed just not a lot of clothes on.

  53. Is that even legal in Canada…??? without a farm I mean… I have a friend with a farm but it’s not too convenient.
    Personally I would totally but yeah, most fences around here are not that high… including mine

  54. Our back garden is totally secluded, but if I were to go out there naked my wife would have a fit. It’s ridiculous, really, even though I am over 80 I love the feeling of fresh air on my whole body.


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