Off Grid Floating Home – Travel the World in a Jet Capsule

Off Grid Floating Home – Travel the World in a Jet Capsule


A New Way to Live Off Grid

A company called Jet Capsule has designed an off grid floating home that would allow you to live self sufficiently in the middle of the ocean!


This off-grid boat home comes with a 4mph solar powered motor, allowing residents to travel the ocean at a leisurely pace.

An on-board water generator collects both rain and sea water so that residents can drink, shower, and even water their vegetable garden!

I would love to have a shower like this!


The home is 322 square feet and has one story above water, and one below. This provides as much space (or more than) your typical land-based tiny-home on wheels.


The floating home comes standard with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, garden and outdoor areas.

Check out the view you could have from your downstairs window!

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These UFO look-alike houses cost less than the average houseboat, with a sticker price of $200,000.

Watch the video tour here:

Jet Capsule is known for their futuristic boats. Their designs are compact, aerodynamic, and attractive. They seem to almost floast across the water.


Even their non-house boats have a lot to offer, check out the interior of this Jet Capsule!


Would you consider living in an off-grid house boat? I have always had the dream of spending some years of my life living on the ocean – I never imagined it would be made so simple.

To learn more or to get in touch with the company, you can visit their website here:


  1. Gonna be fun when a typhoon/hurricane/whatever passes through and makes rolling 30+ ft waves.

  2. Could have done without the gratuitous T&A shot of the ‘woman’ in the shower. Come on now…keep it classy. Damn.

    • Its from their website! Sorry if it was TMI!

    • … How Prudish can you possible be? Seriously you need to get that broom handle removed.

  3. Looks very cool but seems more like a lake or bay boat. This would be a disaster in rough seas and stormy weather on the ocean.

  4. That’s a fascinating idea I’ve had myself, for a couple decades now… but have always wondered what I would do in very bad weather. Waves with 30′ (10m) from peak to trough are common on the open ocean, with freak waves getting MUCH larger. What prevention is in place to keep the home from turning over? I can see that it might be not terribly difficult to right it again when things calmed down… but what a mess it would make of anything not bolted down…and probably put holes in those pretty ‘basement’ windows.

    • Now that is a scary thought, I bet you would have to go to port for storms…

  5. Looks great, for when the seas are calm. I can’t imagine it would be truly seaworthy. How would it hold up in the open ocean against a storm or hurricane?

  6. George W Robertson.

    As an old geezer who would have loved to have this to wander, doesn’t anyone understand that the central circular living space could be built on a gimbal? In 30 foot waves you would be level and enjoy the action.

    • even if you spent the money on an inordinately more expensively gimbled unit, the draft is horribly deep for what you’re getting.


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