US Marine Kicked Out of Home for Living Off Grid

A US Marine Corps Veteran had his property condemned by the City of Huntsville for living off grid.

He is now fighting city hall to stand up for his right to live on his two acres of land in a self sufficient manner.

The property owner, Tyler Truitt, said this issue is about his rights under the US Constitution, which he took an oath to uphold and protect.

“Give people the most freedom and liberty as possible without infringing on anyone else’s rights. I just don’t see how we are hurting anyone by being here”.

Truitt and his girlfriend Soraya Hamar are currently refusing to leave the property and the city is threatening to arrest them! Truitt says he will come back every day and they can arrest him over and over, because this is his home and he has a right to be there.

They live on the land 100% off the grid. They use 550 gallons of rain water collection, a composting toilet, and solar panels instead of municipal utilities. The home was structurally sound, but condemned because he is not using city utilities.

There is currently a gofundme to raise money to support the couple and their efforts to live off the grid. As of this moment they have raised $510 of their $10k goal. Please comment here if you decide to donate so we can let him know! You can also follow the fight on facebook by liking this page.

Watch the original news piece here:

His support team has notified our blog that he will be making a video update to this story today or tomorrow. Check back here for the update.

Have any of our readers faced ramifications like this for trying to homestead or live off grid on your own property? Tell us your story!

In my personal opinion, this shows how important it is to make sure you know the codes, regulations, and laws of the city, county and state when you buy land and plan to live off grid.

I honor Tyler’s fight, but will probably look for un-zoned land when it is time for me to buy so I can live off grid hassle-free.


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