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Ohio Airdrops 800,000 Oral Rabies Vaccine on 14 Counties


Last month the Department of Health in Ohio dropped 800,000 rabies vaccine packs in the Northeast border of the state in an attempt to form an “immune barrier”. This has been happening in Ohio for as long as I can remember (at least 15 years), as I grew up in the area where this is done. I remember going camping with my Dad to find posted notices saying “DON’T EAT THE RABIES VACCINES, IF YOU DO CALL THIS NUMBER.”

At the time, being a child, the implications of this were not yet clear to me. I hadn’t heard about the possible dangers of vaccines, mainly due to extra chemicals contained within them. When I came across this story it was like deja vu to being a kid again, when I’d see the packets on the ground. I’m sure I even picked one up at one point to investigate.

For those concerned, there’s only 14 counties in Ohio that have been airdropped: Ashtabula, Belmont, Carrol, Columbiana, Geauga, Harrison, Jefferson, Lake, Mahoning, Monroe, Portage, Stark, Trumbull and Tuscarawas. When I was a kid, I had no idea the vaccines were a thing that we did only in that part of Ohio, I thought it was something done everywhere.

It’s recommended residents of this area take some care after the airdrop to ensure the safety of their pets and family. It shouldn’t make pets sick but dog owners are still advised to keep their animals on the leash for about a week or so after the airdrop. There’s a sweet smelling coating on it to entice animals to eat it.

If you do end up touching these vaccine packs, make sure you wear gloves while doing so. Make sure you keep kids away from touching or eating the packs. In the event of ingestion or if you just have questions, call the Oral Rabies Vaccinating Baiting Information Hotline at (888)574-6656.

Ohio Department of Health to Airdrop 800,000 Vaccine Packs

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