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Plant Your Entire Garden in Minutes With The Paper Pot Transplanter!


Introducing the Paper Pot Transplanter

Tending a garden takes time, especially if you’re trying to turn a profit.

Urban farmer Curtis Stone has market gardening down to a science. He has a YouTube channel that tells all about how he makes $100K in farming other people’s land!

One of his game-changing tools is called the Paper Pot Transplanter.

This clever contraption is easy to use, uses no fuel source (apart from a little elbow grease), and can plant even a large market garden plot in mere minutes.

Just watch the video here! 

How the Paper Pot Transplanter works:

The Paper Pot Transplanter uses special accordion-style papers that expand into a typical seed starter flats, and they come in 2, 4, and 6-inch sizes. These have no bottom to bind the roots of new sprouts as they grow, and they easily biodegrade when they’re planted into the garden soil.

Cool accessories that come with the “starter kit” include the Dibbler, which lets you make depressions for seeds in all 264(!) holes of a paper chain flat. The dibbler creates 264 uniform holes for your seeds, up to 12 millimeters in diameter.

There’s also the Drop Seeder, which lets you instantly drop seeds into all of those 264 holes at once! The drop seeder is specifically designed to fit the hole spacing of the paper chain pots.

The Paper Pot Transplanter will run you about a grand (in USD), or you can get the entire starter kit plus a market gardening success workshop DVD for about $3K.

This is clearly a game changer for those who are serious about running a business for profit…and perhaps not an ideal investment for a small hobby farm or personal garden.

Still–it’s fantastic technology for the future of small farming!

Many folks want to turn their gardening efforts into profit by starting a large market garden. That’s great, because we can use more locally grown foods in rural and urban communities!

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Why not serve yourself in a way that also serves your community?

The amount of work required to successfully manage a market garden can be daunting–but tools like the Paper Pot Transplanter make it easy as pie!

If you are interested in other garden tools like chainsaws, you can also check reviews of the husqvarna 455 rancher.

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