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Share Your Garden with the Guru: Lily Da Vine’s Garden


Show Us Your Garden!

Show us your powers of propagation. Share your gardens  with the Homestead Guru Community.

Gardening Beginnings

Gardening has always been a part of my life. First with my Mom who grew primarily houseplants to sell at flea markets. Then as an adult, I focused primarily on productive plants. In particular,  cannabis and any vegetable seeds I could get my hands on.

I was pretty against the fact that my mom only grew ornamentals as it meant my childhood was mostly devoid of vegetables. So when I started growing things the intent was to provide for my own needs, not just to make money off trendy plants.

Gardening for Profit

Years have passed. I’ve started farms on rented land and lost them now repeatedly. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that gardening is a love of labor. I’ve also recognized my mother’s wisdom. She grew the plants she did, as she intended for them to be brought to the market to make money. In this time of uncertainty, that’s more important than ever.

Now, I too primarily grow ornamental plants and some herbs.

This is my current garden started a year ago. It began with just a few succulents and has expanded to what you see here. I’ve lost a few plants over the year between moves and neglect but added even more.

Now I am to a point where I can just replicate the plants I have for sale while also enjoying some complex herb gardening.

I’ve set up my space not only so that it produces, but that I feel comfortable! I purchased my hammock in Acapulco, Mexico for 1000 pesos. This is the biggest nicest hammock for that price! Perfect for sunbathing and hanging by the pool that’s for sure.

Start Small With Your Garden

Another thing I’ve learned is to start small. Having this small garden after having started so many different huge projects has taught me that. I had the issue before that I’d just plant all I could, not considering how much it took to maintain plants. Not to mention harvesting from them and selling their product. It was a lot of work for one person and my live-in partner wasn’t much help!

That led to a lot of dead plants, rotting vegetables, and wasted time. I’d have gotten more out of a smaller garden that was better planned. It’s all a part of the process that is learning to garden.

For those looking to get started. Start small, like one plant small if you have no experience. When you are able to keep that alive then go for more. That will lead to the most efficient experience with the fewest number of disappointments.

During these last few months dealing with coronavirus drama, my garden has been a much-needed refuge. While the rest of the world goes crazy, it continues growing and that’s about as close to a religion I have really.

Have you been gardening more recently? Share your gardens through this link and we will feature your garden on the Homestead Guru!

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