Shocking Animal Abuse Chickens Sexually Abused And Ripped Apart

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse amongst factory farms is a reality that is more common than many of us care to recognize. A Toronto based animal rights group known as Mercy For Animals, caught on film some disgusting acts of violence and even sexual abuse of chickens, carried out by the workers and supervisors of a Chiliwack farm. This video was sent to and released by the BC SPCA, an organization committed to improving the life of all domestic, farm, and wild animals alike.

This was documented from May 10 to June 9 at Elite Farms Services Ltd., the company  collects and transports chickens to a Port Coquitlam slaughter plant for Lilydale/Sofina Foods Inc. products. Sofia Foods released a few statements on the matter:

“We are appalled and extremely shocked by the video footage we saw of a few of our supplier’s employees displaying disturbing and unacceptable behaviours that Sofina Foods Inc. does not in any way tolerate or condone. Ethical and responsible treatment of animals is of utmost importance to our organization.”

“We are taking immediate steps with our supplier to initiate a comprehensive investigation of the situation and have engaged internal and external expertise to help us determine proper course of action in line with our animal care commitment and expectations. ”

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The poultry company claims they have contacted the supply company in question and had all of the offenders fired for their actions.  Sofia Foods also said they are working in full cooperation with the authorities who wish to take action after the blatant evidence of abuse.

Animal Abuse

This video reveals absolutely awful acts to live birds including stomping on chickens, ripping their limbs off, throwing them around like footballs, swinging them by their feet and wings, humping chickens, and forcing them to preform other disgusting sexual acts. One man uses a chicken as a rag for the feces on his pants. These are creatures of earth and whether or not you eat chicken, it isn’t debatable that this is an appalling way to treat a creature that gives it’s life to feed your family.

Marcie Moriarty, Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer for the BC SPCA mentioned in a statement.

“The video includes some of the most brutal and sadistic acts of violence against animals I have ever seen,”

 “It is extremely difficult to watch.”


Animal Abuse

Unfortunately when you buy animal products from large companies like this, it is likely you are supporting this kind of behavior. Factory farms and slaughterhouses can be credited with most of the animal abuse in America. The above video is absolutely cruel, but how often do acts like that go unnoticed? With such large companies it is difficult for the CEO’s and other high up management to have much control over the day to day ground operations. Here is a site showing other common acts of animal abuse in this industry. Remember you have the power to support (or not support) unethical companies, if you eat meat, then check out your local farmers markets, talk to the farmers about their practices, go and see the living conditions of the animals feeding your families. Don’t turn a blind eye to the systematic abuse of other living creatures, you can make a difference!

*All photos taken from this video


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