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Best Damn Strawberry Jello Ever


This recipe has 5 simple ingredients but is, no joke, the best damn strawberry jello I’ve ever had.

I’ve loved jello and gummies my whole life. I have considered trying to make jello with real fruit for years. It’s somewhat sad that I haven’t, especially when you consider that I have made cannabis-infused gummies for sale with (GASP) artificial flavoring. If you’re looking for the best damn homemade strawberry jello recipe, you’ve found it.

The texture is almost that of mousse. No seriously. It’s the best damn strawberry jello.

This is a great recipe to eat while sick; it’s been one of the most soothing foods I’ve encountered since my case of botulism. It’s one of those foods you can eat while sick that makes you feel like you’re fine because it’s SO damn delicious it gets a little addicting.


1-kilo strawberry leaves removed
1 c cane sugar (Could be substituted for keto sweeteners to become more keto-friendly)
3 T gelatin, plain
1.5c water
2 limes worth of juice


1) Bloom gelatin in ½ cup water. Set aside.
2) Chop strawberries and put them in the blender.
3) Add lime juice, 1 cup water, sugar and blend until smooth.
4) Pour into a saucepan, boil on high for 5 minutes.
5) Turn off heat, add gelatin and stir until melted.
6) Pour into mold.
7) Place in the fridge for at least 6 hours but it’s best overnight.
8) Serve

This can be done with fresh raw fruit but make sure it’s clean and comes from a good source.

Here in Mexico strawberries can sometimes make people sick when eaten fresh so I cook the strawberries mainly to kill off any bacteria.

This can be done with any fruit substitution. You want about 3 cups of blended fruit, whatever you choose.

If you decide to use pineapple, make sure you cook it enough to break down bromelain, which is known to keep the gelatin from setting.  Other fruits that contain similar compounds are papaya, ginger root, pawpaw, and guava. When in doubt, just cook the fruit first.

Somehow fruit, sugar and gelatin take on a creamy texture when prepared this way.

You can also skip the blending step and just use cooked chopped strawberries. This will result in a more typical jello texture with delicious fruity bits. That is all up to personal preference. For me, the consistent flavor and texture of blended fruit are most enjoyable. Also, you can use cups of juice instead of fruit but it will yield a very different texture. These are some examples of how small changes in technique can change everything while cooking.

And finally gelatin content can be adjusted depending on tastes and needs. I make mine more firm, mostly to get more collagen into my diet. You could reduce the gelatin down to 2 tablespoons instead of 3 to make it a little softer if that’s preferred.

Have you made homemade jello? What are your favorite flavors?

Give this recipe a try and let us know your results in the comments!



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