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We Accept Cryptocurrency: Updates from the Homestead Guru


After many requests and some time to make it happen, The Homestead Guru is finally accepting cryptocurrency! There’s a gap between the crypto and homesteading communities we aim to fill!

So for those who aren’t familiar, what is cryptocurrency?

According to Google:

“A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”

This is useful because it allows people to quickly and safely transfer any amount of money without the prying eyes of banks, which I think is good for everyone. Beyond that, many of these cryptocurrencies have cool features that help you make money, like the SmartRewards program with SmartCash. All you need to do is hold 1000 SmartCash (less than 5 USD) in a wallet for 2 weeks and you’ll start making weekly money!

So which cryptocurrencies do we accept?

Right now we accept 5 different cryptos. In the future, if you see we don’t accept your preferred coin, contact us and we will likely add it to accommodate you!

BTC- Bitcoin

BCH- Bitcoin Cash

LTC- Litecoin



Cryptocurrency for what now?

Ebooks: After a month or so of work I’ve finished the new and improved Homestead Guru bookstore. You can now pay in crypto or Paypal for all the ebooks. For a limited time, all books are $5.55. Soon we will include bundle sales for those looking to get in on ALL the fun.

Unschooling: Just in time for the Covid-19 homeschooling trend is this book about Unschooling, an alternative freedom-based take on homeschooling.

Recipe Book: Never before released, we have been sitting on this beautiful compilation of Homestead Guru recipes for TOO long. There are recipes in there from me (Lily Da Vine), Elizabeth Klebart, Krystal Trammel, and much more!

Kombucha Chronicles: Newly released as an ebook, I wrote this during my kombucha brewing adventures. This is my tale from totally unaware novice to professional kombucha brewer in just a few months!

Homesteading in Winter: The winter in 2020 is going to be a hard one (as if the rest of the year wasn’t hard enough) so it’s a good idea to grab this ebook to brush up on your fire-making skills, and more!

Backyard Chickens: Want to raise chickens and have no idea how? Already have chickens and just want a reference guide around? Look no further; this first-hand guide is written from the experience of real chicken owners!

Grow Your Own: The Coronavirus victory garden has proven to be necessary for physical and mental health. Learn all about how you grow your food in this beautiful ebook!


This course has been taught by Catherine Bleish all over the world and is for the first time available digitally! Learn how to detox your home, relationships, and body in this six-week course! Gain a community to interact with as well as some discounts for pretty amazing projects like My Magic Mud. This course is only 100 dollars!!


Want to submit content to The Homestead Guru?

We are always accepting guest post submissions. For a fee of $100, we’ll share your content with The Homestead Guru community. Follow this link and you can pay in cryptocurrency. This is excellent for bloggers on the rise and looking to increase the reach of your great content.

We also accept link insertions into existing posts for USD 45. Follow this link and you can pay in cryptocurrency for these as well.

The Future

More Ebooks: I’m personally in the process of writing a craft pattern ebook to sell through the store, which will hopefully be available before Halloween.

Digital Content: Think Bullet Journal spreads, homeschooling materials, and more! All for crypto!

More Courses: Whole Life Detox is just the beginning, stay tuned for more courses!

Consulting: Want to learn more about cryptocurrency? Or about unschooling? Soon you will be able to pay for consulting from your favorite gurus!

If you’re reading this and very new to cryptocurrency but want to jump in, contact us at thehomesteadguru@gmail.com and we will help you get set up with a wallet.

One Last Thing!

The amazing Cat Bonadin did an interview with me for the Smart Talk Radio podcast. Learn more about her life living on the Bitcoin bus, why decentralized money is best, and more, here!! Follow this link to find it!

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