Nutrition Coach Identifies Worst Food at Grocery Store (Shocking!)

When one thinks of the worst items in their grocery store, they typically think of the snack aisle, candy aisle or perhaps sugar-laced cereals. But when this certificated nutrition coach searched a local grocery store for an hour reading label after label, he came to a shocking conclusion that will make you want to share this video with loved ones who eat these products.

The nutrition coach, who also recently presented a stunning TED Talk on reading nutrition labels, makes a compelling argument that the worst item in the grocery store is actually a product which claims to be healthy and aid customers with weight loss.

Worst Food to Buy at Grocery Store

Entering the grocery store with an open mind, he’d hoped the worst item was a snack food so that consumers eating unhealthy foods were at least aware of the decisions they were making. However he opens the video with disbelief stating, “I wish I wasn’t standing here right now” as the aisle with the worst food even surprised an experienced label reader and food investigator.

This video is a shining example of food companies continued effort to mislead people into buying products that look healthier than they actually are.  Words with no legal definitions whatsoever (meaning they can’t be held accountable for lies using these words) like “natural” and “fresh” are used along with pictures of real fruits and vegetables on foods that actually only contain toxic chemical replacements for these foods. Serving sizes are manipulated so that food companies can make their products seem harmless to consumers who haven’t yet educated themselves about the ingredients food companies are using.

This video is a great primer for anyone with a diet related new year’s resolution or loved ones.

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