Amazing Smartphone App Instantly Identifies Flowers and Plants

like that garden

How many times have you been wandering the garden or out on a hike and saw a plant that you just couldn’t identify?  Well, as usual, there’s an app for that!

Steps like that gardenLike That Garden takes the guess work out of plant and flowering identification.  The creators of the app, JustVisual, refer to Like That Garden as a “horticultural encyclopedia on-the-go.”

The app works by cross referencing a smart phone picture of a plant or flower with a massive database of high resolution plant and flower pictures.  Using a custom algorithm, Like That Garden then identifies the plant pictured and provides the user with detailed information about the plant or flower, including how to grow and care for the plant.
identification flower screen like

Check out the app today.  It’s both educational and fun!

Get the Android app here: Like That Garden

Get the iPhone app here: Like That Garden

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