Why Go Barefoot?

From Marjory Wildcraft’s GrowNetwork.

The Best Minimalist Shoes are Homemade

Marjory loves to go barefoot. And she’s not alone. In this video, she talks to master herbalist Doug Simons about some of the reasons why they both prefer to go without shoes most of the time.

They also show some of the “running shoes” used by the Tarahumara in their long-distance ball game, rarajipari. Called huaraches de tres puntos, they look more like sandals than running shoes to me. I can’t imagine running through a canyon in those… but Doug explains why the thin soles are actually better for your feet…

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Marjory and Doug both agree that they wouldn’t want to go barefoot in public places like gas stations and public bathrooms. And Doug says he puts on shoes any time he goes into town.

Marjory’s definitely not afraid to do a little work without her shoes on, as you might have noticed in this post 4 Uses of a Lawn Mower, or this one How to Use Squash Pits for Bigger Garden Yields.

If you want to learn how to make a pair of your own sandals, be sure to tune in to the 2016 Home Grown Food Summit. Doug will be giving a full demonstration during the summit, and you can watch it for free by registering here: Register for the Home Grown Food Summit.

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