Custom Arched Cabins Built for Under $1000

Arched Cabins

If you are in the market for a tiny home or small house, check out these unique arched cabins. They range in size from a quaint 8ft by 8ft to a whooping 24ft by 40ft. They will even build your home with a trailer attachment for easy mobility.

arched cabins


You can choose to receive your Arched Cabin with or without custom upgrades. You can also choose to build the house yourself and a few friends over a 3 day weekend. This means your Arched Cabin can function as a full blown DIY project, or you can have the structure built and upgrades (such as insulation) installed on delivery.

smaller, arched cabins

Creative Uses

These buildings have also been used as spas, hunting cabins, and office space. Click through their gallery and dream about the possibilities!!

hunting, arched cabins

Watch these video to learn more about these simple and amazing buildings!

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