DIY Self-Care You’ll Want to Know About if the ACA is Repealed

DIY Self-Care You’ll Want to Know About if the ACA is Repealed


echinaceaIt’s possible that Congress will scrap what’s known as the Affordable Care Act this year, to the dismay and alarm of many Americans.

If this happens, natural remedies will undeniably see a rise in public interest! They’re cheaper, easier to obtain, and many of them have been around since before modern medicine was a thing.

As always, you’re advised to do your own research when considering your own well being.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, including this article!

Health care is self-care, and it starts with personal responsibility.

With that said, here’s some favorite all-around wellness tips from somebody who’s never been interested in typical “health care”.

1. Turmeric. This golden root has been used in cooking and health applications for thousands of years. See all the benefits here! Turmeric powder is easy to add to your cooking, and the raw root is even turning up in produce sections of grocery stores lately.

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2. Garlic. It’s nature’s antibiotic–and it’s best used raw. You can put freshly-pressed garlic cloves into an empty vitamin capsule, and swallow them easily without any taste or smell. We dose with garlic when we feel any sort of illness coming on. If you’re worried about the stink, you can always follow up with liquid chlorophyll (a natural deodorizer)–or just eat more greens.

3. Raw Honey. Not everything labeled “honey” is good for you–but raw, unfiltered honey from local bees is great for allergies. Honey was used to disinfect wounds in the Civil War, and a spoonful of it is a great way to chase down your raw garlic, too! You can also use it to treat burns, and as a hair and skin tonic.

4. Chaga Tea. The benefits of this wonder-fungus are still new information to the Western world, but medicinal mushrooms have long been considered a boon to longevity in Asia. Chaga tea is a great coffee-alternative, and gives your immune system some extra protection, too.

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Pssst. Are you noticing a trend here? None of these things are “drugs”, and they’re not meant to “cure” anything.

Instead, they support the body’s immune system to do what it’s designed to do: heal itself. 

5. Colloidal Silver. This stuff is interesting to learn about. Apparently silver is what protected the nobles of Ye Olden Times, and gave rise to the phrase “blue blood”–because it literally turned their skin blue. With nanotechnology, we can enjoy the protective benefits of silver without argyria. iMedDo is my personal preferred source of true colloidal silver (and gold, too!).

6. Essential Oils. Okay, I know–essential oils are all the hype right now. I’ve used them for over a decade, and I can tell you the truth: Some essential oils are potent tools for wellness. Others just smell nice. Do your research and decide for yourself. As for me, I’ll keep my Frankincense and Oregano oils.

7. Ginger. Another potent food item that can be made into tea, added to foods, and even applied topically for all sorts of issues. Ginger has been used as a wellness tool since ancient times in India, and it’s right up there with turmeric as a true superfood.

8. Echinacea. The purple coneflower, or echinacea purpurea, is the most well-known immune-system boosting herb. You can find echinacea capsules in most mainstream grocery stores, and you can even grow it as a perennial flower in many areas of the Southern US. Echinacea tea or tincture can be great to provide temporary support to a recovering immune system, or to protect against common illness that’s going around.

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9. Homeopathy. Homeopathy is considered pretty woo-woo by many folks, since it’s “energetic medicine.” Chemically speaking, every one of the hundreds of homeopathic remedies out there is exactly the same. So, how does it work?? That’s a bit complicated–but it’s worth noting that the ruling elite of virtually every country in the world has used homeopathy as their primary health approach for many years.

10. Fresh, raw, organic fruits and veggies. You know I had to say it–true wellness comes from eating real, fresh food. No amount of supplements in the world is gonna be your magic bullet to health if you’re not eating at least some fresh, raw fruits and veggies. Even better if you’re eating organic and/or growing your own.

Sometimes health is a genetic crap-shoot–but research shows that diet and lifestyle still play a major role.

Ideally, modern health care would be aimed at healing instead of…whatever it’s currently trying to do.

There’s still plenty you can do to take your health back into your own hands!


  1. Sovereign silver is NOT colloidal silver. It is ionic silver, a much LESS potent form of silver. I wish people would stop spreading falsehoods. Any clear silver is NOT colloidal silver. Colloidal silver takes equipment to make that is very costly… you cannot make it at home, and it never is clear.

    • Great feedback, thank you.

  2. […] Homeopathic remedies are chemically all the same–which is why their harsh critics claim they don’t work! Vibrationally, however, each remedy acts on the body differently. Things like this practice and homeopathy are not readily discernible from physical evidence–except to note that healing and relief often occurs! […]


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