Ecocapsule Tiny Home Lets You Live Off the Grid Anywhere in the World

EcoCapsule5This innovative tiny home, dubbed an Ecocapsule, will enable millions to comfortably live off the grid anywhere in the world, be it the middle of nowhere, a destination beach, or even a rooftop. The Ecocapsule is being designed by Nice Architects, an architectural team based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The home includes a bed that can sleet two, a toilet, dining area, and even a kitchenette.

Ecocapsule4The off the grid capabilities of this tiny home are impressive. Solar panels line the roof of the capsule providing up to 600 watts of electricity. If sunlight is lacking, the home also has a wind turbine capable of generating 750 watts. There is also adequate battery storage for dark days with no wind. The home collects rainwater that falls on the roof and filters and stores it for later use.

EcoCapsule3 The Design Team envisions the Ecocapsule being deployed for off the grid getaways, vacations, and even for low-income urban living. Nice Arcitechts says they are now taking preorder on their website.


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