Off Grid Barsha Pump Needs No Fuel to Irrigate Crops

The Barsha Pump (“Rain Pump” in Nepalize) is able to pump water from a moving river or stream to heights of 20 meters or more.

The pump is based on ancient Egyptian technology and is basically a water wheel on a floating platform that uses air compression to send water through the hose.

barsha pump

The technology can help boost crop yields in developing nations by five times!

This water pump gives of zero emissions, zero operating costs, and should return its investment in just one year! And to keep the economy local, the design can be built with locally sourced materials.


The first 14 prototypes were developed for use in Nepal.  There are plans to take the design across the globe.

barsha pump

According to the manufacturer, aQysta , a shipping container full of Barsha pumps has been sent to Nepal, and mass installation has begun!

Some photos from a recent installation in Nepal can be seen below.  You can like them on facebook here.

barsha IMG_1273 IMG_1274 IMG_1294 IMG_8547 IMG_8556 IMG_8557 IMG_8572 IMG_8593 IMG_8595

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