Innovative New Toilet Transforms Your Waste Into Clean Water

Innovative New Toilet Transforms Your Waste Into Clean Water


Revolutionary Toilet Technology

This toilet can process human waste without the need for electricity and water! Not only is it an off the grid solution to human waste, but it actually outputs clean water that can be used in the home, and electricity that can charge items like cell phones.

nanomembranetoilet description

This product was designed in England to function as a full scale toilet that is 100% off grid. It doesn’t have a smell because it has a rotating sealing flush, keeping a constant smell barrier.
Once in the holding tank, the waste goes to the bottom and the water is held on top where it evaporates into a vapor. The tank is able to condense the water from the vapor and create pure water.

The solid waste is dehydrated and picked up by a service man (this could be composted). The batteries are charged by bicycle or hand crank!

Learn more by watching this video or reading about the Nano Membrane Toilet here.

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  1. I am in Nigeria. How do I partner with the initiator of this innovation for the purpose of adaptation?

  2. Jeannette Altair

    Are these toilets available in the US? If so, what dealership sells and do they service?

  3. What is the cost of maintenance of this toilet over years ?

  4. Are these toilets sold in Liberia, West Africa? If so, where and how much?

  5. It is still a concept. This product is not available yet.

  6. It is still a concept. It is not available yet.