Recently Divorced Mother of Three Builds Her Family a Tiny Home

Recently Divorced Mother of Three Builds Her Family a Tiny Home


At age 29, Kelly Lewis was a single mother of three. After she and her husband got a divorce, Kelly was in a really bad place and dealing with severe depression. So bad in fact, she almost checked herself in to a hospital for help. With her future looking bleak, she decided to get back to the land and to change her life completely.


Inspired by the Tiny Home Movement, Kelly bought a piece of lake front property and built a tiny home with the help of her children.

Everything she needed to learn to build the tiny home she picked up by watching Youtube videos researching on the internet. The tiny home has a composting toilet, a wood-burning stove, and was built almost entirely from recyclable materials.


Check out the video below to learn more about Kelly’s inspirational life transformation:

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