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Incredible! Solar Stove Cooks Meals in Minutes – Anytime, Anywhere


Go Sun Solar Stove

With the goal of creating a fuel-free off the grid cooking experience, inventor Patrick Sherwin launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 to provide funding for the GoSun Stove.  The solar stove is able to cook a full meal in 10 minutes and can reach temperatures of over 550 F.


According to the GoSun website, “Today around 3 billion people cook with dirty fuel sources; such as wood, dung or charcoal. As a result, smoke inhalation related illness ranks with malaria and AIDs as one of the great greatest problems facing the world. In addition, fuel wood scarcity drives families around the world to spend many hours collecting and transporting heavy loads of fuel wood, often to the detriment of already endangered ecosystems. If fire wood is purchased it often makes a sizeable portion of the family’s income.”


How It Works

The heart of the GoSun Stove is the glass vacuum tube that acts as the device’s cooking chamber.  A fold out anodized aluminum sheet captures the suns energy and then transfers and amplifies the heat in the evacuated glass cooking tube.  By maintaining 80-90% of the energy captured from the sun, the GoSun Stove can keep meals warm all day if necessary.

gosun diagram

Overcast skies?  Not a problem.  The GoSun Grill comes with a lithium-ion sun charged battery that kicks on when clouds block the suns rays from reaching the stove.  The stove can also be started on a completely cloudy day or at night by using the battery.  The GoSun Grill, which has the battery, is a larger solar cooker that is currently only available via pre-order with the expected release date June 2016.


Matt Gillespie, who works with GoSun, recently told MailOnline, “It’s profoundly efficient and a game-changer for fuel-free cooking. When clouds interrupt, the food keeps on cooking with the heat stored inside the vacuum tube. For this same reason the GoSun is extremely versatile, cooking hot meals in the harshest of environments. Even against freezing temperatures and blowing winds, the GoSun’s cooking time is hardly effected. We love to see people’s reactions when we’re roasting garlic, or steaming veggies on a mostly overcast day.”

Revolutionary New Model

Technologies such as the GoSun Stove are rapidly changing the way people cook in industrialized countries and poverty stricken communities alike.  We can only hope that innovative inventors will continue to bring their products to market and one day create a world where everyone has access to renewable and off the grid technologies such as the GoSun Stove.

If you’d like to buy your very own GoSun Stove Sport edition, click the SHOP NOW button below and order yours from Amazon today:

solar oven solpro

Learn more about the GoSun Stove or pre-order the larger GoSun Grill at their website: GoSunStove.com

If you are looking for a more affordable option, Amazon has several for under $100.

solar oven affordable

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Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas
8 years ago

looks awfully small… SINGE SERVING MEAL for $300 a unit??? $$OUCH$$$
take decades to see a R.O.I.

8 years ago

I’ve seen grills go for that much AND you have to continually purchase propane…I see it as a win.