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Leafy Green Machine – A Smart Farm in a Shipping Container


Smart Farming Technology

This is the Leafy Green Machine, a smart farm built inside a shipping container and produced by Freight Farms. This high yield – high production mini farm comes with all sorts of high tech gadgets. The system uses 10 gallons of water per day, 80KwH of electricity per day, and needs about $300 worth of supplies per month.

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High Capacity Production

That sounds like a major operation, because it is! This high-volume farm is designed to provide you with a commercial level of food production.  This set up is perfect for a school, church or other savvy entrepreneur.

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High Tech

The Leafy Green Machine is designed so that food producers can work smarter, not harder.  The food is grown through hydroponics and can be monitored by a smart phone! Photosynthesis is triggered with blue and red high efficiency LED lighting. There are automated climate controls and automatic nutrient dosing systems.

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The high tech farm has environmental sensors that control C02, humidity and temperature. There are also sensors detecting the quality of the water by tracking temperature and pH. As long as you have internet set up in your farm, you can monitor what is going on inside from anywhere!


High Cost (but probably worth it!)

If you know of good use for such a farm, check out their product website and be prepared to pay at least $82,000 plus shipping!

Leafy Green Machine Photos

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Freight-Farms-Transplanting2 Freight-Farms-LGM-LED freightfarmsbasil download

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