Seattle’s Tiny House Village for the Homeless

In a world of skyrocketing housing costs, a tiny house village for the homeless is a revolutionary idea! The only thing better might be the 9 year old girl who is building tiny houses for individuals to own.

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Seattle is opening it’s doors for the homeless this week. They have built 14 insulated tiny houses on their property. They have also built a central building with toilets, and soon they will add a shower.

tiny houseThe church is hoping that these units will house individuals from 4 to 6 months, while they transition to affordable housing. The houses only cost $2,200 to build and are a huge upgrade from life on the streets.

The money to finance the building of these homes was funded by donors in their community. Volunteers from multiple groups came on site to help build the structures for the tiny house village.

The only cost to the homeless individual is $90 for utilities. While $90 a month is certainly affordable housing, it does seem high for utilities in such a small space. I am not sure how a homeless person is supposed to afford this fee, but I guess we will see how the project fairs.

Check out our interview with a tiny house village for the chronically homeless in Austin, Texas:


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