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10 Veggies You Can Regrow Time and Time Again


Regrowing yourself an endless supply of amazing vegetables is easier than you think!  Follow the simple instructions below and regrow yourself to food abundance.

Green Onions


Green Onions are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and regrow.  Simply cut them about an inch from the roots and place them in a glass of water.



The bold flavor of garlic is matched by no other.  To regrow this veggie, place a sprouted clove in a shallow glass of water and watch the shoot grow and grow.  You can also plant garlic cloves directly in to the ground.

Romaine Lettuce


Ready for that next salad?  To regrow lettuce, place a lettuce stump in half an inch of water for 2 to 3 days.  Be sure to refill the water as it evaporates and is consumed by the lettuce.  Once the leaves begin to regrow, you can plant them in soil and place them in the sun.


Regrow your ginger by soaking the ginger base all night in water then plant them in soil and place them in a sunny spot.



Celery can be regrown by cutting off the base and placing it in a bowl of water in a spot that gets good sunlight.  New leaves will begin to grow in about a week.  Once the leaves get large enough the celery can be transferred to a pot and planted.



To regrow cilantro, simply place the stems in a glass of water.  Once the roots become long enough, transfer the plant to a pot and place it in a sunny spot. After a couple month, the cilantro will be ready to harvest.



Regrowing this beneficial vegetable is quite easy.  Simple cut the leeks about  two inches from the roots and place them in a glass of water.



Regrowing onion is as simple as it is tasty.  Just cut off the top of the onion, let it dry out, and plant it in soil.

Bock Choy


Bock choy can be regrown by placing the root face up in some water.  In a matter of days, you will notice the plant is regrowing.  After a couple of weeks when plant has grown considerably, transfer your bock choy to a pot.

Sweet Potatoes


To regrow sweet potatos, place one in a jar of water in sunlight and wait for it to sprout.  Once the plant is well rooted, plant it in soil and you are on your way.

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6 years ago

Psst: There’s a pic of garlic but the topic under the pic is of ginger.

Catherine Bleish
6 years ago
Reply to  Bob


Tess Hansel
6 years ago

Great suggestions. I put organic red onions (the root side) in a small bowl of water and just today planted them out as they have green shoots coming out of the top. Very exciting! Thanks for this great article. I’m now going to try it with the other veggies you have mentioned above.