Upgrade Your Camping Experience with Polarmond Sub-Zero Sleeping-Bag/Tent Hybrid

We all love camping and the outdoor fun that comes with it. But let’s face it, when it comes to pitching a tent, most would rather be putting some food on the fire or heading to the hiking trail.  Thankfully for camping enthusiasts tired of toying with their tents, a group of Swiss scientists has designed a modern sleeping bag/tent hybrid that can be set up in a matter of minutes.


The concept, developed by a startup called Polarmond, was inspired by spacesuits which use a technology called “sandwich construction”.  Each and every wall, including the floor, is lined with thermally insulated fabric.  The structure is heated by the occupant’s own body heat.  According to tests conducted in the freezing Swiss Alps, the tent/sleeping bag can maintain warmth even in temperatures as low as -22 F.

2_sleeping-bag-and-tent-hybridThe Polarmond is light weight and rather compact, making carrying the unit a breeze.  In addition to it’s utility as a camping tool, the tent/sleeping bag could be used to house the homeless living on the streets in cold areas.

0218OutDoor2015You’ll have to wait for 2016 to get your hands on this innovative camping gear.

Watch for updates on Polarmond’s website: http://www.polarmond.ch/

Check out this cool video demonstrating the Polarmond:


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