Man Builds $300 DIY Solar Furnace Out of Upcycled Soda Cans!

Utilities bills across the county and globe are skyrocketing, which costs people a significant portion of their monthly income.  While some people cut costs by not running their heather as much and in turn living uncomfortably during the winter, a Canadian man has decided to take matters in to his own hand.


After heating bills became overbearing, Randy Buchanan took it upon himself to build his own solar furnace.  It cost him only $300!

The solar furnace works by using soda cans to capture heat that is then transferred in to the home through a series of ducts.

According to Buchanan, “The air comes in at 5 C, and comes out at 38 C.”  That’s a 8x heating factor!

Not bad for a DIY job.


Learn how to build your own solar furnace from the resources below:

Kindle E-book through Amazon: The Solar Air Heater Guide

Detailed written guide with pictures: How to Build a Solar Furnace

No time for DIY, buy a solar furnace through Amazon here: Solar Furnace System – Up to 2,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage, Model# 1500



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