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Austin Aquarium Supports Homeschoolers!


The Austin Aquarium offers more than just sea creatures, the whole family can interact with a wide variety of animals such as birds from the rain forest, to lizards and other reptilians from the desert regions. Families can hand feed sharks, stingrays, birds, even tropical animals and for the bravest of kids, dare to feed and touch crocodiles and hold slithering snakes!

Austin Aquarium hosts events every month so you can enjoy a day with your family meeting mermaids or even take an evening to yourself and unwind with a night of painting and a glass of your favorite wine!

Above all, Austin Aquarium promotes education through an interactive experience in a comfortable environment.

For the kids who are interested in learning, the aquarium even has summer camps! Does your child love marine biology and other exotic animals? This camp would be perfect for them! Your child has to be at least 4 years old to attend but their is a camp for every age group including up to age 18!

As a kid who attended marine biology camp most summers, I would suggest it for any kid who is interested in sea creatures! Learning about the ocean becomes fun and interactive.

The Aquarium also offers behind the scenes tours for those curious about just what it takes to keep an aquarium in good working order.

“We hope to inspire a young generation of ocean explorers and conservationists through education and a shared experience with a live animal, to create an appreciation for the oceans,” says Owner, Marc Gottlieb.

Marc’s top priority is education, and he is so passionate about it that he lets teachers into the aquarium free, and YES this does include homeschooling, unschooling and roadschooling mothers! They also offer quarterly homeschool events where there is a discounted field trip day!

You can’t beat their weekday prices for kids and adults, and they offer discounts for seniors, military and college students, but if you plan to come more than once look into getting an annual membership, it pays for itself in roughly 2 visits and there is an array of options fitting every budget.

Thank you Marc and Crysty for being so dedicated and teaching families that education doesn’t only take place in the classroom.

Watch Cat Bleish mother of two unschooled children enjoy their day at the Austin Aquarium.

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