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The Topic of Depopulation – Kevin Galalae vs The Vatican


When the topic of population control is brought up in writing or conversation (as many readers of this blog are likely familiar with) it is widely regarded as conspiracy and hysteria. And, to a great extent, it is reasonable to see how it could come across as paranoid to many people:

“Are the global elites out to get us? Is there some agenda to depopulate the earth, control people’s breeding habits, and make people sick?”

Author and human rights activist Kevin Galalae is one of many individuals who would say the answer to the above questions is a definitive “yes.”

Galalae has published eight books and over 300 papers on the topic, and it’s relation to food, agriculture, and government vaccination programs.

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In an episode of the YouTube series Hi, it’s Rupert Galalae describes his findings, and his plans for the 44-day fast in Rome, which recently drew to a close:

Rupert Quaintance has also been in Rome documenting the fast, which you can help fund by contributing to his GoFundMe page.

The videos on Rupert’s channel are centered around Galalae’s prayers given in areas of Rome, including in front of the Sistine Chapel, in Vatican City.

In April of 2014, during another hunger strike, Galalae challenged Pope Francis to publicly confront what he describes as “a crime against nature,…a crime against God,…a violation of the Geneva Genocide Convention, and…a crime against humanity.”

He has also sent numerous letters to Pope Francis on the chemical and biological agents he believes are being used as ingredients in many processed foods, vaccines approved by the governments of 160 countries, a was well as in geoengineering. And he is certainly not alone in his beliefs, which are based off his findings through years of research.

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According to Galalae, he chose confronting Pope Francis and the Vatican due to their significantly large role in the government-approved programs dating back to 1945, when their birth control measures were introduced in the name of peace preservation.

Additionally, in an article published on Activist Post’s website, Catherine Frompovich points out the very unsettling similarity between government depopulation programs approved by the Roman Catholic Church, and various eugenics programs which have been promoted by governments in modern times, since the early 1920s.

In my correspondence with Galalae, he further details a passage from the encyclical letter published in 1968, by the Roman Catholic Church, under Pope Paul VI, Humanae Vitae: On the Regulation of Birth:

Lawful Therapeutic Means

15. On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from—provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever.

“Ever since”, adds Galalae, “national leaders have used the moral permission given by Church leaders to subvert fertility under the pretext of curing one disease or another, be it tooth decay (hence depopulation by fluoridation), vitamin deficiencies (hence depopulation by GMOs), infectious diseases (hence depopulation by sterilizing vaccines), food poisoning (hence depopulation by endocrine disrupting substances), and respiratory illnesses (hence depopulation by aerosol spraying/chemtrails).”

If Galalae’s conclusions are true, there are severe implications for homesteaders. According to open secrets.org the agriculture industry, and the big corporations with a monopoly on the food and drug market, spent a total of $33,680,010 on lobbying elected officials to pass laws centered around the needs of the agriculture industry itself, and the habits they both exploit and market to the public.

And those include land use laws which enable the freedom for those who wish to live a life centered around homesteading, or off-grid living, as an article published on The Alternative Daily’s website conveys. Galalae’s findings would also provide much more of a reason to find answers in free market and voluntary virtues, which are compatible with a life centered around homesteading, self-sustenance, health, and well-being.

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