Recently Uncovered – 1930s Map of US Medicinal Plants for Pharmacists

Recently Uncovered – 1930s Map of US Medicinal Plants for Pharmacists


Modern medical science relies heavily on pharmaceuticals to treat patients. In fact, the use of medicinal plants has become taboo and is often labeled (incorrectly) as pseudo-science.

There was a time in American history when big-Pharma did not have such an influence on doctors, pharmacists, or medicine. During this time, pharmacists actually prepared medicinal plants for people in need to treatment.

medicinal plant map
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This recently uncovered medicinal plant map was printed by the National Wholesale Druggists’ Association over 80 years ago. It was intended to boost the image of the profession during a promotional campaign called Pharmacy Week.

The medicinal map shows which herbs grow in which state (or as they grew in 1932). It also lists the medicinal uses of each plant.

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In the late 1930s and through the 1940s, a rise in synthetically produced and mass marketed drugs began to hit the market. This marked a transition from pharmacists physically preparing medicines to pharmacists counting out pre-made medicines.

This poster show the end of an era, before the profession made the shift to dispensing drugs produced by large corporation and away from preparing plants for those in need of their medicinal properties.

Amazon also has a more modern map available, World Map of Medicine Plants.

medicinal plants amazon

Have you ever tried natural remedies at home? Have you ever wild harvested medicine? It is in everyone’s interest to know as much about this as possible! We hope you enjoyed learning about this map of medicinal plants – please continue reading about natural medicines if you find this topic to be of interest:

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  1. How do I get a printed copy of the medicine map?

    • I think you will have to print this one, I have never seen it for sale anywhere!

      • Looks like some other folks found it! Awesome!!!!!! I want to hang one at Brave New Books!

    • It’s on Amazon. Click the map.

  2. Can anyone recommend other resources (books, documentary etc.) to view old documents of when plants were mainsteam medicine ? I’ve seen some old doctor’s briefcases at various museums and they are loaded with plant remedies.

  3. chemicals are ruining it for all creatures and people all because of greed

  4. Please provide a date when this article was published….Thanks!

  5. Camilla Cracchiolo, RN

    The use of medicinal plants is by no means pseudo science but is not necessarily good medicine. There are serious problems with dosage. The medicinal ingredient in the plant can vary wildly with type of soil, growing conditions and time of year. Standardized plant extracts are one way around this, but do require scientific equipment like mass spectrometers to make sure the dose is correct.

    Medicinal plants also often contain more than one bioactive agent. Cannabis, for example, has over 60. The two best studied are THC and CBD. In a recent FDA stage III clinical trial, CBD was shown effective for treating certain types of epileptic seizures in childten that don’t respond well to other drugs. This is fantastic! But probably it’s better to use pure CBD because THC will make the kids high and they have to be able to learn and finction. So do epileptic adults who drive or use heavy machinery. Plus, accurate dosage is essential in tresting seizure disorders. Breakthrough seizures are no joke. They cause brain damage.

    Finally, some medicinal plants work but aren’t the best drug for the problem. Digitalis, found in foxglove, was abandoned when digoxin (a chemically similar bit synthetic agent) was found to be less toxic. As anyone dealing with medicinal plants knows, foxglove can definitely kill and digitalis is the reason. Rauwolfia will lower blood pressure but only for certain kinds and then we are back to the dosage problem because in treating high blood pressure, correct dosage is essential.

    So things are not so simple as just “bad chemicals, bad Big Pharma just wants profits.”

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