Classy Solar: New Roofing Tiles Have Built in Solar Technology

Solar Roof

Talk about innovation in green technology!  This Kenyan solar company, Strauss Energy, has developed a roofing tile that contains solar panels built within their structure!


These tiles can supply the electricity needs for a typical household. In fact, the design is so efficient, only on third of the roof’s tiles need to be infused with the solar panels to provide ideal power to the home.

The rest of the tiles can be painted to ensure optimal aesthetics for the outside of your home.


This new type of solar installation does not use battery banks to store the power!  Instead, Strauss installs Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Systems. The power is converted into hot air that is channeled into an airtight compression chamber.

To learn more check out their website or the video pasted below:

Strauss SolarThese roofing tiles have solar cells in their structure

Posted by Science Made in Africa on Thursday, July 21, 2016

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