9 Reasons Living in an RV Is Better Than Living in a House

Think living in an RV full time is a desperate measure for folks with no other options? Rethink your priorties, mate!

Here’s a list of excellent reasons why living in an RV beats living in a house.

1. TRAVEL is the primary dream of most Americans, but first they’ve got to save up and work themselves miserable, then request vacation time off from their job. When you live in an RV, you get to travel all over America as part of your daily life.

2. LOCATION INDEPENDENCE. More and more jobs are becoming digital, which makes it easier to earn a reliable income while living on the road–or even telecommuting from a mountaintop or lakeside cabin. Forget moving for a job opportunity. Full-time RV living is all about living and working wherever you like!

why living in an RV beats living in a house3. SPECTACULAR SCENERY. People pay big bucks for houses that boast “million-dollar views”–but with an RV, the view out your windows can be whatever you most want to see that week, whether you’re camping there or just driving by.

4. LESS STUFF. Living in an RV full-time forces you to be mindful about your possessions, because there’s only so much that you’ll have room to store, care for, and clean. In our consumer-driven society, where your stuff most likely owns you (instead of the other way around), this is a major bonus to mental health.

5. TIME IN NATURE. Speaking of mental health, studies show that it’s crucial to spend time outside in the sunshine, breathing fresh air, feeling the breeze on our face. RV living makes you much less likely to while away the daylight hours on a couch, staring at a screen in a dark room. Plus, your backyard in an RV is huge, especially if you’re currently staying in one of our breathtaking national parks.

6. TINY BILLS = MORE FUN-MONEY. No matter how you slice it, even the most tricked-out RV is going to cost a fraction of what a nice house on a city lot will. Instead of being slowly crushed to death by a giant mortgage payment, you can free up your money for the really fun things in life. Studies show that people who spend money on experiences instead of stuff are happier, too, so it’s an all-around win.

7. FRIENDS EVERYWHERE. Living in an RV means you can go travel to see those friends who moved away, and then those other friends too… You won’t have to miss anyone for long. Even better, you’ll “find your tribe” in every new place you travel to, and eventually you’ll have a wide circle of true friends to visit everywhere.

8. BETTER RELATIONSHIPS. Okay, I’m not saying you’ll turn into a zen master once you purge all your stuff and move into an RV, but you’ll definitely become more mindful. Your family relationships will be put under the magnifying glass, being in such close quarters together–so you’ll be forced to work out your issues. You’ll also be more aware of how a few things out of place will make the whole RV feel messy–so you might become more tidy, too.

9. MINDFUL TECHNOLOGY USE. Living in an RV means you won’t have unlimited access to technology anymore. You won’t have utility bills (Yay!), but you’ll also be aware of the trade-offs that people make in order to have constant internet access and all the hot water you could wish for. RVing is a great way to make sustainability into something personal for you.

So, to summarize: no bills, more freedom, better relationships, and improved mental health. What else could you wish for?

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