New Study: Women Live Longer When They Live in Nature

New Study: Women Live Longer When They Live in Nature


A recent study found that women live longer when they live surrounded by nature. They started with a theory that natural environments help to lower stress and increase physical / social activity, which leads to greater health. They specifically set out to study the relationship between “residential greenness and mortality”.

women live longer

The researchers followed 108,630 women between 2000 and 2008. Of those women, 8,604 died during the study. Factors such as age, race, smoking, and socioeconomic status were taking into consideration during this study, and they found that women living with the most greenery in the 250m area near their homes “had a 12% lower rate of all-cause-non-accidental mortality”.

“These associations were strongest for respiratory and cancer mortality”.

The researches concluded that higher levels of green vegetation actually decreased mortality in these women.

This information is extremely powerful for the modern American living and driving in our urban areas. Why would less greenery result in less social activity? I would argue that it results in more time spent in the car or behind a computer monitor. The reduction in physical and social activity can absolutely lead to depression, and depression is not good for any part of your health.

If you want to live a long, healthy, and HAPPY life, consider surrounding yourself with nature. How much time do you spend outside every day?

Source: Dr. Oz

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  1. I think that it would have more to do with less exposure to man made chemicals and toxins. Only being offset by better medical facilities in urban environments.

  2. When i go outside and see all the shades of green, i am compelled to give thanks to God for all the shades of green. If i am depressed it just melts away. Just saying…

  3. What helps men live longer?

    • Don’t marry a woman who wants to live in a field!

    • Women. There have actually been studies to show this. Women friends, whether there is a woman spouse or not. Though married seems to be the best.
      But ironically, not for the woman. Interesting, eh?
      There are plenty of studies to find regarding this issue.

  4. I certainly know that I was happier when I was able to garden and work in my flower beds. I miss having my bird feeders and all my plants!!

  5. If you can’t live in the country, take walks in green places, like parks or tree lined streets. And weather allowing, even take a book, or a snack, and sit on a park bench or whatever is appropriate. And also, if city noise is encroaching on your sense of peace either meditate and/or wear noise cancelling headset, perhaps while you listen to some calming music that you enjoy. A lot, it seems to me, is very much about our internal world, or as I prefer to call it, our internal landscape.