New Study: Women Sleep Better With A Dog in the Bed

New Study: Women Sleep Better With A Dog in the Bed


Dogs are an important part of any homestead. They protect our livestock, make us aware of approaching visitors, and run off snakes when we walk out to the back acre….  Their influence in our lives might be even more powerful – they may actually help us to get better sleep.

Women Sleep Better With A Dog in the Bed

A new study recently released indicates that women who sleep with dogs in the bed actually sleep more deeply and feel more rested. Women who sleep with a cat or another human in the bed report the opposite. In fact, with the cat and human, the women woke up feeling tired and reported frequently interrupted sleep.

After talking to 962 women, researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville and Canisius College in Buffalo, New York concluded that dogs increase a women’s feelings of security and comfort, and assist in getting a better night’s rest.

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I know this is true for me in my bed. Cats have always caused disruption, likely because they are nocturnal. They tip over cups, knock over trinkets and scratch under the door to come in or out of the room at all hours of the night.

Our dog on the other hand sleeps silently until the last person gets out of our bed, the he joins us for the day. He doesn’t move around, make noise or otherwise disturb me! My previous dogs (2 rottweilers) would actually spoon with me in bed! We had the best rest!

What about you? Do you share your sleeping space with other people or animals? If so, how does that go for you?

At my grandparent’s lake house there were 2 twin beds in their bedroom and I couldn’t figure out as a little kid why two married people would want to sleep in different beds. Then I began to share a bed with my ex-husband. And boy, did I find out that not all humans sleep the same!

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Have sleep trouble? Consider getting a dog! You can read the study in the journal of the International Society for Anthrozoology.

If your dog just won’t sleep in your bed (mine won’t), consider getting them a dedicated, comfortable dog bed.


  1. I believe it! A dog may be a mans best friend but it is also a womans best protective loving buddy!😊🐶🐕

  2. My wife and I have been sleeping in separate beds for over 20 years and we like the freedom it gives us to move around, snore, re-arrange the covers as needed.

    Our Shih Tzu dog, Buddy, sleeps in my room but not in the bed. I believe that I’ve rolled on him during the night and he’s afraid I’ll crush him. I weigh 185 lbs, Buddy weighs 16 lbs.

    I enjoyed this article, THANK YOU 💖

  3. Our 50 pound Aussie is our furbaby, but she’s a horrible bed hog!!!

  4. e bed, that’s all!
    But – to get to the point – I LOVE sharing a bed with a dog!!! And yes, I truly believe you DO sleep better with them beside you. My last dog passed a couple of years ago but I’m planning to get another next year and I cannot wait! My husband Neil and myself have different bedrooms, never mind beds! We’ve been together 22 years this October and for the first few years shared a bed….not realising WHY we rarely felt 100% rested! It was only when Neil hurt his back and found it more comfortable to sleep on the couch that we both realised we actually slept better APART! I think the problem is we both fidget, we both snore and I will often be SO hot in bed that I’ll be kit’s all! cking the covers off hahaha. Last year I’d been at work all day and Neil was off and I got home to find utter chaos – he’d pulled ALL his tools and stuff out of the cupboard next to the stairs and built himself a bed!!! He got himself a single mattress and within a week had it all kitted out as his own bedroom….and he’s slept there ever since! We haven’t told anybody as you know how it is…folk think that if you’re not sharing a bed the marriage is in crisis blah blah blah but we are still as in love and happy together as we were 22 years ago! We still kiss, cuddle, hold hands when outside, are forever hugging each other and always tell each other how much we love each other – we just don’t share the sam

    • Catherine Bleish

      I think people CLASSICALLY didn’t share beds, its a newer thing, right?


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