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Ponche Navideno Mexican Christmas Fruit Punch Recipe


I’ve lived in Mexico four years now but this is my first year taking part in Christmas. Something I’ve noticed is that things are done very differently here than in the United States. My favorite tradition so far is the one known as Posada and this recipe is from that tradition.

For those who don’t know Posada starts on December 13th and is a catholic tradition that involves a ceremony in towns to signify the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary before the birth of Jesus. Modern day there’s a ceremony of walking the designated Posada streets, which change every night. After the walk the residents of those streets put out tables with offerings of free food. So think trick-or-treat, but with Mexican food and lots of free ponche.

Ponche in my opinion is what fruit punch is technically based on. It’s fruity, sweet and warm and flows like water on any given night during the Posada. We made some as a family this year and I took notes to share with you all because it’s pretty special.

Ponche Receipe

  • 1 kg tejocote
  • 2 kg guayaba
  • 1 kg apples
  • 3 foot long sections of sugar cane
  • 1 oz Jamaica flowers
  • ½ k raisins
  • 15 liters water
  • 1.5 kilos cane sugar

Peel the sugar cane and chop into small spears by breaking it down into smaller pieces and splitting those into fourths. Boil the tejocote in water to help loosen the skin for a few minutes and peel those. Core and chop the apples, cut the blossom end off of the guayabas and add all of the ingredients to a huge pot. Boil for 6 hours or so covered tasting every so often.

You’ll end up with a thick and tasty fruit punch, serve warm in mugs for the best effect.

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