Turn Your Truck Bed Into a Tent for Camping

Want to make camping more simple without sacrificing space or amenities? Why not make or buy your own truck bed tent for camping! They’re great for full-time RV dwellers who may not want to sacrifice space for an extra tent.

tent truck closed

The beauty of one like this is that when it’s installed, you can still safely see out the back window of your vehicle.

truck camp bedOnce you park, you can just pop up your tent, toss in your truck bed air mattress, and you’re good to go.

61vMb56ujoL._SX425_Get the mattress here on Amazon!

No bugs, no tent stakes, and you’ll be comfy, too!

truck camp

You can upgrade your truck bed tent with extra storage and seating. This one even has pop-outs for extra room inside.

81B6BmEaSkL._SX522_Get the truck tent here on Amazon!

If you’re meeting some friends or you’ve got a big family, this humongous model’s gotcha covered.

giant truck tentIt sleeps up to SIX people, and has 7 feet of headroom! It even includes an awning for some extra outdoor shade.

71Q3v5ybfJL._SX522_Get the tent here on Amazon!

Finally, this Australian model really takes the cake–it looks fantastic! Maybe we’ve veered away from minimalism here, but this truck bed tent looks really fun.

aussie camp truck

This is definitely NOT minimalist camping–it’s camping in style! Do you have a truck bed tent? Do you want one?

With truck bed tents, your camp is wherever you park it!


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