Study Claims Plants Can Feel When They Are Being Eaten and They...

Study Claims Plants Can Feel When They Are Being Eaten and They Don’t Like It!


A ground-breaking new study has found that plants can feel when they are being eaten, responding at times with defense mechanisms. The study, titled, “Plants respond to leaf vibrations caused by insect herbivore chewing”, was conducted by the Division of Biological Sciences at The University of Missouri.

The study examined thale cress (Arabidopsis), a vegetable that is related to broccoli, mustard greens, and kele. Scientists often use this plant for studies as it was the first plant to have it’s genome fully mapped.

In order to conduct the study scientists took audio recordings of the sound that caterpillars make when they eat. The hypothesis was that plants would hear or feel the vibration and in turn engage in some sort of unique observable behavior.

The researchers controlled the experiment by playing other vibratiions to the plants that simulated natural sounds like wind noise.

The results found that when the thale cress experienced the “munching vibrations” of the caterpillar, the plant sent extra mustard green, a mild toxic that dispels caterpillars, throughout it’s leaves.

According to the scientists involved, “our work is the first example of how plants respond to an ecologically relevant vibration. We found that feeding vibrations signal changes in the plant cells’ metabolism, creating more defensive chemicals that can repel attacks from caterpillars.”

Watch the video to see for yourself:



  1. .I watched this video and I noticed that these scientists really are just scaring the plant aand tricking it rather than teaching or helping. Every plant knows when something is going to be there to take a bite out of it. These scientists might as well go ahead and go right on up the food chain and believe they are helping them with their predators too. In reality,studies have demonstrated that anytime plant life is being monitored, they “screamed” sending the wave chart into a frenzy right before someone were to either cut it, burn it, or eat it. They also know when there are folks around who mows lawns for a living. The scientists realized after further studies that upon mentally sending out the thought “I love you” and or “Thank you” right before cutting, injuring the plant, etc; the plant did not seem to react in a panic. Even pouring scalding hot water down the sink burned the mold and mildew growing there which in turn “hurt” the plant who was being tested. It knew. This would only happen do to the connection process of the universe as it demonstrates that we are all connected, it’s only us who are so disconnected from all things that we do not yet experience what a lower density life form can. There is much more going on with plants/trees and music playing. The brief is: upon studies with electrodes, the trees realized that the music we were playing, it could mimic back and even create more off of the original tune with it’s thoughts as its energies triggered the monitors. Any tree, plant, etc; that you are around everyday watering, nurturing, develops a long term relationship with you hence feels your pain when you do. The truth is out there, it’s just not getting out! Thanks for sharing this. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone find out and acknowledge it.

  2. If we’re not supposed to eat plants, algae, grain, bugs or animals for humanitarian reasons, what are we supposed to eat? Just milk products?

    • nope, cause milk is for baby cows not for us humans

  3. If we don’t eat plants, grains, algae, bugs, or animals, what are we supposed to eat to survive? Milk-based products?

  4. Very interesting! I am curious about the research that led them to come up with that hypothesis, too. I will have to go check that out! Thanks for posting.

  5. I don’t think anyone is saying we are not supposed to eat plants, I didn’t feel that was the suggestion in this article, but it does pose an all important question, what are plants doing to adapt and survive, and perhaps ones that are successful in turning on toxins, we ought to research and not eat! Not everything found on our planet is actually worth eating or at the very least, moderate the amounts we consume. It’s an interesting hypothesis though, I would like to know specifically how the plants deciphers between wind and munching though! What about insects walking about on the surface? Does the toxin subside in the edible part later on?

  6. Someone missed the “Primary Perception” episode of Mythbusters, where this was BUSTED.

  7. Psychedelicpiper

    I can already picture meat eaters using this article as an excuse not to give up their eating habits. lol These findings don’t surprise me, as it is only natural for anything in nature to have its own self-defense mechanism. Worth noting that most edible plants wouldn’t exist if no one was around to eat them, as there would be massive rotting.

    • Well, the meat eaters will have their “tortured” plants that the animals ate lol

  8. I think …I dont know but i think…that Once we learned the real being we are and passed away .. than will know that we didn’t need to eat to to live. …

  9. steven matthews

    up yours scum bag trying to get them to stop eating them or just a stupid post look last name f uuuuuuu

    • ????? What are you talking about?


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